Due to Commissioner Piekara having a family emergency, this meeting was canceled. Apologize for folks who rearranged plans to be on. Please see the agenda items and reach out about any questions or to discuss feedback on them.

Please check Commissioner Piekara’s webpage for up-to-date info on this meeting, which she’ll primarily be running as I split attention on the New York Avenue Streetscape/Trail project meeting.


  • Our monthly joint (5B06 and 5C07) SMD meeting.
  • Due to a change in Woodridge Library’s hours, this meeting will be entirely virtual, unlike our last four meetings.
  • Any other community updates or suggestions welcome; agenda below


If these terms are confusing and/or you don’t know if you live in 5B06 or 5C07, visit the FAQ or the OpenANC map.

This is a joint meeting of SMDs 5B06 and 5C07 to be held on 06/28/2023 starting at 7pm. The meeting will be all virtual over Microsoft Teams, as Woodridge Library has begun closing earlier for summer hours.

Single-Member District meetings are:

  • optional outreach efforts by Commissioners
  • per cultural norms, a precondition to bring official actions to 5B and 5C
  • a chance to discuss issues with their immediate constituents
  • not a venue for any official actions
  • more common in some parts of DC than others

Why are these joint meetings?

Commissioner Piekara and I do joint meetings because our community is split down the center by the Commission boundary along Rhode Island Ave, the epicenter of our community’s housing production, retail/commercial activity, and street safety issues. Most obligatory ANC casework in our SMDs is shared by ANCs 5B and 5C with both being affected/party ANCs; having a joint meeting provides cross-pollinated awareness of both Commission’s activities and avoids redundant meetings on the same topics.

Physical Location

There will be no physical location for June.

Virtual Connection Details

The meeting will be available virtually on Microsoft Teams.

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device

Notes for folks there virtually:

  • Mind your mute and video-off buttons; opening access is consent to be recorded and made part of the meeting record
  • Our audio equipment isn’t particularly high-end; crosstalk in the room will admittedly be hard to follow on the line sometimes even when we’re doing our best
  • There won’t always be someone on camera; we know it’s annoying to watch an empty whiteboard, but we’re juggling a lot of stuff

Or call in (audio only)

  • +1 206-420-0854,,955959030# (United States, Seattle)
  • Phone Conference ID: 955 959 030#


Feel free to reach out if you have suggestions for this agenda! Given the informal nature of of SMD meetings, this agenda is flexible and may change anytime.

Notification History

I can’t guarantee perfect conveyence of information to every stakeholder on every occasion, but I do my best to both diversify outreach and log all of it for auditability. I’m also available through the contact methods on the footer of this webpage.

method outreach performed
routine scheduling This is the recurring 5B06/5C07 meeting on the month’s fourth Wednesday; meetings on this date and time should be expected
website This meeting information page was first posted to this website on 6/28/2023 around 12am ET; it’s also linked from the embedded (and subscribable) 5C07 calendar and from the 5C website.
social media I did not perform heavy social media notifying about this meeting.
direct email This meeting was mentioned in the 5C07 June update email. I mention meetings in my monthly newsletters which I try to dispatch a few days before the Full-Commission meetings (around ten days before joint SMD meetings); subscribe now if you haven’t!
paper flyer This meeting was not included in any physical flyers, as I was expecting a summer recess at the time that I prepared the May/June flyer.