About this Calendar

This calendar contains pertinent community meetings and events. If there’s something in and around 5C07, or impacting 5C07, that you’d like included, please reach out!

This calendar can be subscribed to so your calendar application of choice reflects the events here; do this by clicking the +GoogleCalendar button or following these instructions using the email address vjkapur5c07@gmail.com.

Meeting Schedules

There are a number of routine recurring meetings to be aware of. For general information about the various types of ANC meeting, see the Meetings entry on the On ANCs page.

  • ANC 5C Committee-of-the-Whole meetings occur on the second Wednesday of the month if necessary to facilitate planning and agenda-setting for the next full-Commission meeting. These are currently virtual over WebEx. The public is legally entitled to observe these, though they are not generally forums for public engagement and cannot be used to take official actions of the Commission.
  • ANC 5C Full-Commission meetings occur on the third Wednesday of the month at 7pm, excluding July, August, and December. These are currently virtual over WebEx. Commission meetings are:
    • open to the public
    • generally noticed to the public ahead of time by seven days and multiple approved methods
    • require a quorum of Commissioners present
    • the only suitable venue for official Commission actions (e.g. voting on resolutions/letters)
  • ANC 5B Full-Commission meetings also occur on the third Wednesday of the month at 7pm, excluding April, August, and December. All of the above details about 5C hold; while 5C07 is within 5C and I am only a voting member in 5C, much of our community (everything north of Rhode Island Ave, and some of the neighborhood south of Rhode Island Ave east of South Dakota Ave) is in 5B. Both Commissions have Great Weight for issues along the boundary.
  • Joint 5B06/5C07 SMD meetings occur on fourth Wednesdays of the month at 7pm. They are hybrid meetings occurring in-person at Woodridge Library or virtual via Teams. The purpose of this meeting is community outreach and fact-finding; there are no legal requirements or official actions related to these meetings, so they are an informal chance to discuss issues with Commissioners Kapur and Piekara.