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1/18/2023: 5C meeting

This upcoming meeting will determine 5C Officers and meeting schedules for 2023, along with other business. This preview contains primers on all topics, including in-depth review of procedural matters, so you can show up prepared.

Meeting Preview

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5C07?A small district (SMD) within DC's Ward 5 (more)
ANC?a (very) local area, body, and elected office (more)
Ward?DC has 8 Wards split into ANC areas split into SMDs (more)
VJ?A neighbor and ANC (more)
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11/16/2022: 5C meeting

A regular 5C full-commission meeting was held on 11/16/2022; topics included several liquor license renewals and some updates on new streetlights.

Meeting Summary

2026 Jackson St rendering

2026 Jackson St NE

There is an upcoming zoning case to build a new mixed-use building on a vacant lot owned by New Macedonia Baptist Church.

Case Background