• Many important traffic safety decisions are dictated in large part by a “warrant analysis” in which a block or intersection is evaluated against certain criteria (“warrants”) to preliminarily determine “need” for a certain mitigation
  • All-way stop installation and traffic light installation are two important examples of studies that start with a warrant analysis
  • DDOT frequently prepares these for our neighborhood roadways, but will not share them; in addition to making an investment and not sharing those results with the community, including folks like myself elected to represent it, they further spend money on shielding them from release

Warrant Analysis

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Why Fight for Release?

Simply put, one of the primary questions from neighbors with even a passing interest in traffic safety is why certain traffic controls cannot be put in place at intersections with frequent near-misses. Many of us are accustomed to requesting and complaining, and our best case scenario (next to success) is being told it was looked into and not recommended/warranted.

See, for instance, Facebook threads (like this and this) on the need for all-way stop control at 13th and Newton Sts NE (requires being in the subject neighborhood Facebook Group).

How to Fight for Release?

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Anatomy of Documents

I recently conducted a blitz of FOIA requests concerning my request for at full traffic signal at Rhode Island Ave NE and Thayer St NE. Documents are below.

I’ve chosen not to redact my personal information on these since it’s very much in the public record anyway, but if other folks want to contribute docs, we can be sure to fully redact.

artifact RIA/Thayer SDA/Ingraham Georgia/Farragut Georgia/Hamilton
outcome DDOT is currently designing a HAWK signal (more info) DDOT installed a HAWK and then upgraded to a full signal in 2023 DDOT installed a full signal that was finally activated in 2024 (NOI, status tweet) DDOT installed HAWK(NOI 22-144-TESD, status tweet)
warrant analysis 30 pages withheld not found1 Georgia Avenue NW at Farragut Street NW – Signal Warrant 30 pages withheld
FOIA response (includes request text) 2024-FOIA-01004 response 2024-FOIA-01766 response 2023-FOIA-07224 response 2024-FOIA-01005
ANC issuance Re: Warrant Analysis, Rhode Island Ave NE at Thayer St NE      
DDOT appeal response (to EOM) (not shared?)     Response to FOIA Appeal 2024-052
EOM appeal response 2024-051 Decision     2024-052 Decision
  1. I suspect they did this warrantlessly after HAWK noncompliance led to a driver killing 70-year-old Aray Demissie Zikie