date purpose
11/8/2022 campaign flyer flipped to reflect becoming Commissioner-elect
1/11/2023 meeting notice for the first 5C Full-Commission meeting
3/18/2023 issue updates and upcoming meetings

Purpose and Procedures

I carry quarter-page flyers of upcoming meetings and top-of-mind issues for distribution during conversations or for targeted awareness campaigns. I’m really appreciative to anyone who chooses to print these at home to distribute to neighbors to make sure they’re reached! They’re made to be printed on any printer, in color or black and white, and then cut into quarters so each printer page makes four flyers.

I also try to post these:

  • on the Langdon Park Community Garden bulletin board
  • on the Langdon Dog Park bulletin board
  • on the Woodridge Library community board

And try to get stacks in common areas of the various apartment buildings in 5C07; if you live in an apartment and want to help me keep a stack available, please let me know! If you don’t have a printer, I can run a stack over to you.

When particularly big issues with high community impact (such as zoning relief for a new building) pop up, I’ll make focused awareness campaigns to flyer nearby folks’ doors with single-issue flyers.