A BZA application for this project was submitted on November 20th; I’ll update this page accordingly soon. The building plans include 50 homes, 4500 SF retail, and will require relief on the number of parking spaces. You can read more on this Urbanturf piece, my Twitter thread here, and/or the case record on IZIS (BZA 21067). The BZA hearing is scheduled for March 6th, so both ANCs 5B and 5C likely have two regular chances to take a vote on the case; January 17th or February 21st.

This project is in 5C07 on the bounding roadway of 5B06; both ANCs 5C and 5B have automatic party status and Great Weight.


  • 2001 Rhode Island Ave NE is a 14,810 square foot lot at the southeast corner of 20th and RIA
  • Local Teamsters union chapters most recently occupied the building currently on the site
  • The building was sold in late May to July Residential, which has indicated an intention to redevelop the property
  • The developer is skeptical of building retail on the site in addition to homes, but I’m working with various community groups to make the case for retail
  • Without any zoning relief, there could be around 50 homes developed on the site, and this would not involve any community input; I strongly believe this would be a wasted opportunity to build more homes and other community-serving amenities
  • The Public Space permitting process will also give us a chance to advocate for benefits like wider and safer sidewalks around the property

Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map

The site is categorized as Residential Moderate Density (RMOD)/Commercial Moderate Density (CMOD) in the Comprehensive Plan’s Future Land Use Map (FLUM). It is currently zoned MU-4.

Outreach History

I can’t guarantee perfect conveyence of information to every stakeholder on every occasion, but I do my best to both diversify outreach and log all of it for auditability. I’m also available through the contact methods on the footer of this webpage.

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Meeting History

date body summary
3/22/2023 SMD 5B06/5C07 The upcoming sale and strong community desire for retail was briefly discussed.

In the Media

The sale was covered briefly in a 5/26/23 Bisnow piece.