This project was in 5C07 until January 2023; it is now in 5B06. As it is within 200 feet of the boundary, 5C may opt to request party status.


  • Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is seeking to redevelop its property at 1800 Hamlin St NE
  • 70 Affordable homes for seniors plus a three-story church are currently planned
  • The plans require zoning relief to be achieved through a Voluntary Design Review with the Zoning Commission

Case Record

This case has not yet been opened.

agency case summary next hearing ANC status case status
ZC 23-?? Voluntary Design Review for height, parking, loading zone none yet no action yet no action yet

The Project

The building plans currently call for five floors plus penthouse of 70 1- and 2-bedroom homes on the south side of the parcel, with a two-floor plus cellar church sanctuary space on the north side of the parcel.


elevation from the west

Project History

At the July 2022 5C07 SMD meeting, the plan was for

  • 66 rental homes, including three-bedroom homes and homes in the cellar level
  • with around 90% Affordable (income-restricted) (AMI mix not yet decided)
  • and a two-story church space (with no homes above it) on the north end of the lot


The team is seeking a Voluntary Design Review (VDR) case with the Zoning Commission, all together seeking:

  • a little more height in areas of the building
  • modification on loading zone requirements
  • exemption on minimum off-street parking requirements

The latter two pieces of relief above could be done through a Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) case, but can also be rolled into a single case through the Design Review process. The taller height (presumably justified through some averaging of allowable height for the zone) requires a Design Review (or could otherwise require a more substantial ZC case, such as a Map Amendment).

overhead map

notional overhead diagram of the building showing PUDO zones in lieu of parking and loading

The limiting factors cited for the loading zone and parking relief are the lot size and shape, and the desire to make the building more transit- and pedestrian-friendly.

At the 4/26/23 meeting, it was stated that, after discussion with OP, the loading zone would be moved to the Queens Chapel side of the building (not reflected above).


The parking minimums that would be required absent relief are as follows:

factor calculation result
residential (70 - 4) ÷ 3 22
commercial “1 for each 10 seats of occupancy capacity in the main sanctuary; provided, that where the seats are not fixed, each 7 sq. ft. usable for seating or each 18 in. of bench if benches are provided shall be considered 1 seat.” ?
total sum of the above 22+?

The current plans call for no off-street parking

Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map

The parcel is split among four Future Land Use Map (FLUM) categories:

  • Commercial Low Density (CLD) on the west side (and majority)
  • Residential Moderate Density (RMOD)/Commercial Moderate Density (CMOD) along the southern edge
  • Commercial Moderate Density (CMOD) along the eastern edge
  • Residential Low Density (RLD) on the northeastern edge

overhead map

FLUM divisons of the parcel

The entire parcel is currently zoned MU-4 (“moderate-density mixed-use development”).

Outreach History

I can’t guarantee perfect conveyence of information to every stakeholder on every occasion, but I do my best to both diversify outreach and log all of it for auditability. I’m also available through the contact avenues on the footer of this webpage.

method outreach performed
tracker This building was added to the Real Estate Development Tracker on 1/27/2023 around 2am ET
website This info page was first posted to this website on 4/27/2023 around 10pm ET; a summary had been on the 4/26/2023 meeting page for a few days prior
meetings See below for Meeting History

Meeting History

date body summary
7/13/2022 SMD 5C07 Early plans were presented.
4/26/2023 Joint SMD 5B06/5C07 Updated plans were presented.