I try to incorporate chances to agitate to targeted decisionmakers (or their public-facing staff) for any pressing issues we’re facing as a community. Here are some things you can take action on right now. Any of these action items can also be turned into a petition if you want to grab even more support quickly from neighbors.

act on if you care about
20th St traffic safety traffic safety in our neighborhood
2026 Jackson St NE more retail spaces on RIA
Engine 26 relocation protecting our forest/natural spaces

tips for a good letter

  • Be respectful; use honorifics instead of first names, and thank folks for their service no matter how you may feel about it
  • Be specific; always use (and bold) specific Service Request/Work Order numbers to avoid adding a layer of research to follow-through
  • Add emotion/color in the form of your experiences (but don’t lose the thread on the specific action being advocated for)