• The Langdon Park Rec Center (also referred to variously as Langdon Park Community Center or Langdon Park East Recreation Center) is a facility located at 2901 20th St NE within Langdon Park
  • The building has likely not seen significant modernization since its 1966 construction, and its age is fairly apparent
  • It’s slated for modernization which will start with significant public outreach efforts, likely starting in Fall 2023.
  • Langdon Park Neighbors will be playing a big role in community organizing and advocacy for this project

FY24 Modernization Funding

The (not yet final) FY24 budget contains nearly $25M in funding for this project. For context, the Edgewood Rec Center development (including at least the athletic fields) was an $18M project.

While getting the best possible facility is the highest priority, there appears to be some possibility of DPR reallocating some of these funds around the park for other capital improvements if the community advocates for it.