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  • this should be a relatively quiet meeting
  • there is a Quarterly Financial Report and a few Meeting Minutes to approve
  • I would like to pass a resolution similar to 5B’s on establishing a sidewalk condition index in DC

Meeting Details

The meeting will be held virtually via WebEx at 7pm ET on Wednesday 4/19/2023. The most recent regular meeting of ANC 5C was on 3/15/2023.

This is an official 5C meeting. Commission meetings are:

  • open to the public
  • generally noticed to the public ahead of time by seven days and multiple approved methods
  • require a quorum of Commissioners present
  • the only suitable venue for official Commission actions (e.g. voting on resolutions/letters)

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Draft agenda

Survey and Fix Every (SAFE) Sidewalk

Currently, roadways in DC are inventoried with a Pavement Condition Index (PCI); this is a federal requirement. During the DC Council Committee on Transportation and Environment’s DDOT performance oversight hearing on 2/27, Councilmember Parker questioned this and suggested DC should do the same for sidewalks. Many people pointed out that, at the current rate of performance, DDOT would take decades to fix the currently flagged sidewalk disrepair issues. Cataloging sidewalk condition is a first step in remedying the situation.

5B and 5E have already passed similar resolutions.